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Welcome to Total Up Close, your chance to get the inside track on people and roles at Total. Throughout 2016, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes at Total to find out what it’s really like to work here, and to introduce to the many different careers paths that we offer.



Introducing Stéphane!

Stéphane works as a Logistics Superintendent at Total Nigeria. He works on a rotation schedule, alternating between France and Africa each month, but he’s found the time to be your personal guide to Total Up Close. Find out more about Stéphane here.


You Ask the Questions!

Meet Els, David and Jean-Philippe. Their roles, experience and activities span Total’s business activities. You asked the questions on Total Campus Facebook and Twitter – and here’s Stéphane’s video interview with them to get some answers.


As well as asking the great questions that we received from Total Campus fans around the world, Stéphane asked the experts for their inside track on the skills and qualities that you need to succeed at a big multinational company like Total. Watch now to see how our three experts have developed their own careers at Total, explain more about the different parts of the business and their views on the exciting future prospects of the energy sector.

Find out more about how our three experts have developed their experience, and how Total supports employees’ professional development and personal fulfillment.


Meet our experts

Meet our experts
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“I’m a Project Director for New Ventures and Asset Management within the Exploration and Production branch of Total. I am based in Total headquarters in Paris. My role is to identify and obtain opportunities for Total to participate in the exploration and production of oil and gas, in particular in Angola, Nigeria, the Republic of Congo and South Sudan. This...


“I work in the Refining & Chemicals branch of Total, at the petrochemical plant in Feluy, Belgium, where we produce polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene polymers. I work in the HSE department as a process safety engineer. My degree was a Masters degree in civil engineering, specifically in materials science, at the Catholic University of Leuven, B...


“I studied chemical engineering, specializing in organic chemistry before starting in Research at Total’s Solaize Research Center (CRES) as a chemical engineer responsible for a research team.  Since then, I’ve managed ever larger teams and continued to develop my technical knowledge, especially in Lubricants.  Having moved from a research to opera...

Travels with My Toothbrush
Everyone has one – but how many of you know where your toothbrush comes from? Stéphane has been on an exciting journey to get the answers.

Thanks to all the Total Experts who contributed to this Prezi. 


Meet Andree! He’s a Petroleum Architect – you might remember him from our ‘Travels with My Toothbrush’  series too.   “I studied civil engineering and then did an MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore. I have always been fascinated by the energy world – energy is an integral part of our lives.   After graduating as an engineer...


“I work as an exploration geologist (also known as a synthesis geologist) within the New Ventures department at Total’s headquarters in Paris. Our overall goal is to enrich the mining portfolio of Total by choosing the most prospective blocks. To achieve this aim, we work in teams of geoscientists (geologists and geophysicists) to produce high-level technica...


“I’m Chris, an Exploration Geologist for Total based in Paris. It’s my responsibility to identify and assess oil and gas prospects. Our aim is to find the next giant oil and gas fields. My role involves investigating the structure and evolution of the Earth and its natural resources, surveying and mapping promising sites and analyzing all geological data in ...


Meet Dyah!  A Process Engineer for Total E&P, she tells us about her job and career so far.   “Process Engineering covers process design studies for any field development. This can be either brand new field (green field) or an existing field (brown field). My role is to design a facility, starting from gathering fluids from the wells, the...


“My name is Frédéric and I’m a Commercial Manager for Refining & Chemicals in Total’s European Base Chemicals Marketing department in Brussels, Belgium.  I negotiate contracts with key customers who purchase benzene on the open market. I ensure that our products are sold at the best prices and are in line with the Group’s strategic choices and comme...


Sanjay is a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Manager – here’s what his role involves:   “I am responsible for managing the commercial and operational activities of importing foreign sourced LNG and exporting domestic LNG from the United States. Also, I negotiate deals together with other traders and negotiators to secure positions in new LNG business o...


Remember William from our Total Up Close ‘Travels With My Toothbrush’ Prezi earlier this year? We wanted to know more about his role – here’s what he had to tell us.   “I studied Mechanical Engineering, then completed a Masters in Material Wear and Breakdown. In my job as a Market Manager, I promote Total lubricants products and present them to ou...

From geophysicists to economists, many people are involved in the production of everyday items like your toothbrush. Check out this infographic to see a selection of the key roles at every stage of the processes.


Click to expand the infographic in full screen or download it from here to find out more.


Travels with my toothbrush

Travels with my toothbrush
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