Team Total Selection Criteria

Deadline extension: the new deadline to submit your entries for Team Total is 24 November 2017.

Before you finalize your application for a #TeamTotal2018 grant, make sure that you maximize your chances of success! Here you can find out more about the criteria for each grant, and learn more about the online voting process. 

General Criteria – for all grant categories

The Total Jury will select the projects to receive funding in each category. They will be looking for evidence of: 


  • Team motivation and effort with respect to the project (the role of each participant, team motivation, etc.) 
  • The existence of a planning calendar for the project’s realization
  • The presence of a detailed budget
  • The communication plan for the project externally and within the university
  • How the project demonstrates Total's values: listening, mutual support, cross-functionality and boldness, in the presentation and explanation of the project
  • Originality of the media presented 
  • The total cost

Specific Grants Criteria 

Push Your Limits  

  • Evidence of team members' sporting abilities or proven talent in cultural or artistic activities 


Innovate and Make it Better

  • Feasibility (scientific method, figures, material costs, field access, etc.) 
  • The environmental and social relevance of the project 
  • Steps taken to ensure that the project would continue to be effective in the long term 
  • Focus on knowledge transfer and local stakeholder training (energy issues, maintenance, etc.)



  • Team motivation and effort
  • The contribution of technical and / or professional knowledge of the oil industry


Online Public Voting for all grants 


All projects selected for funding will be published on the Total Campus website for a public vote. During the voting period (1 February 2018 to 28 February 2018), any visitor to the Total Campus website will be allowed to vote for one or more projects. 


  • Voters can only vote for individual entries once. However, they can vote for more than one entry 
  • In order to vote, the website visitor will be asked to supply his/her email address. He/she will automatically receive a unique voting token for the selected entry 
  • In order for the vote to be processed, the website visitor will have to click on the voting token received and validate their email address for every vote 
  • Votes generated by a robotic, programmed, script, macro or other automated means may lead to disqualification of the team concerned 
  • The project that receives the most votes in each category will be awarded an Audience Appreciation Prize
  • The winners of the Audience Appreciation Prize will be announced on 01 March 2018