Team Total 2018 – Frequently Asked Questions

Deadline extension: the new deadline to submit your entries for Team Total is 24 November 2017.



Who can apply for a Team Total grant?

Any student over the age of majority in their country, who is enrolled in a higher education institution at the date of the competition opening (7th of September 2017). He/she must form a team and be part of a student organization to be eligible.


Do all team members need to be enrolled at a higher education institution in order to apply?

Yes, all team members must be enrolled at a recognized higher education institution in order to apply for a Team Total Grant.


How many Team Total grant applications can I submit?

Teams can submit one per grant category (a maximum of 4 in total). However, please apply only for the categories that are most relevant to your project.


Do I need a team in order to apply for a Team Total grant?

Yes, otherwise you cannot submit your project. Please note that the Team Leader will have to upload a zip file with copies of the student IDs of his/her team members when registering the project.


What's the maximum number of students per team?

There is no limit for number of members in a team. A team must be a minimum of 2 members.


Can I be a member of more than one team?

No, you cannot be a member of more than one team. Therefore, you cannot submit more than one application per category.


Application Form


How do I register for a Team Total grant?

If you are the Team Leader, go to, complete the application form, create your team, provide the required documents and information, and click submit.

Remember that you can save and change your application while it is unfinished, but you cannot recall or edit your application after submitting.


Who can complete the Team Total grant application form?

Only the Team Leader should create an account, and will then invite the other members. The other members of the team should NOT create an account and should wait for their invitation. The team leader will send a link to each team member to ask them to register. Team members accessing the link will be asked to complete their profile information.


What information is required for the Team Total grant application?

We need contact information for each member of your team, a presentation of your project, proof of abilities for sport activities (only for the Push Your Limits grant), and any other relevant information that could differentiate you from the other teams. Be sure to check out the Criteria page to see what we will be looking for.


What language should I use to compete my application?

All applications must be completed in English.


How do I submit Team Total Grant applications if I want to apply for more than one grant?

Finish one application and submit it, noting that once you do this you won't be able to make further modifications or see your answers. Then restart the application process for a different grant category, using the same login details. Please only apply for relevant grant categories.


What kind of supporting documents can be uploaded? Is there a file size limit?

There is a limit of 2 documents that can be uploaded. The size limit is 5MB and acceptable formats are .pdf, .doc or .docx. It is not mandatory to provide this additional information.


Can I upload videos?

No, you can only upload .pdf, .doc or .docx files. If you wish to send us a video, you can add a link to your video (YouTube, vimeo) in one of the documents attached.


Technical issues


I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click on the 'I forgot my password' link in the login page.


I have other technical problems, what do I do?

Please write an e-mail to describing your problem giving as much detail as possible.


Once the application/project is complete, can it be updated?

You can edit your application up to the point that you submit it. Once it has been submitted, you cannot recall it or make any more changes. Make sure you are happy with the final information/details about your project before you click the submit button.


Evaluation Criteria and Selection Process


What are the main milestones and deadlines for Team Total 2017?

Opening date of the competition: 7 September 2017, 11:59 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Closing date of the competition: 17 November 2017, 11:59 a.m. GMT

Winners' announcement: 15 January 2018 from 11:59 a.m. GMT


How will you evaluate the applications for Team Total grants?

See page for an explanation of our evaluation criteria.


How will the successful projects be selected?

The committee consisting of Total employees will review the entries, taking into account the selection criteria and will announce the selected projects in the week commencing the 15 January 2018.


What is the purpose of the online vote and which teams are eligible for the voting process?

All projects selected for a grant are eligible for the public vote. These projects will be presented on Total Campus website for a public vote for the Audience Appreciation prize in February. This provides the teams with a great opportunity to further promote their projects within their university and student network.


How does the public voting work?

Any visitor to the Total Campus website can vote for one or more entries, but they may only vote once for each entry. The visitor will be asked to supply his/her e-mail address and will receive a unique link that has to be clicked in order to validate the vote.


Can I see an example of past successful projects?

Read more about teams that have received grants from Team Total in the past and their innovative projects here:  


If my team is approved for a grant, what happens next?

Remember potential grant recipients will be contacted by our team to provide some essential information before your grant can be confirmed (e.g. the details for your official student association bank account). Why not make a start on organising that now? You will have seven days to acknowledge that you have been selected and to provide the requested information (which will be listed in a detailed letter at the time). If you fail to meet the deadline, your grant may not be confirmed. Once your grant has been confirmed, you will be invited to a webinar, along with the other successful teams, to discuss the next steps.


What happens if my project is not selected for funding?

If your project is not selected to receive funding this year, we strongly encourage you to develop your project ideas and apply again next year either with a developed version of your current project, or with a totally new one. Total will not claim any rights to your projects and we will not keep the information from your project description.


How is the funding divided between the 4 grants?

There is a total of €80 000 available through the #TeamTotal2018 funding program. This will be allocated through the four different #TeamTotal2018 grant categories: Push Your Limits, Innovate, Make it Better and Discover. At least one grant will be awarded from each category. For Discover, the number is limited to a maximum of 10 grants. After the last edition, a total of 17 projects were awarded a Team Total grant.