Remember William from our Total Up Close ‘Travels With My Toothbrush’ Prezi earlier this year? We wanted to know more about his role – here’s what he had to tell us.


“I studied Mechanical Engineering, then completed a Masters in Material Wear and Breakdown. In my job as a Market Manager, I promote Total lubricants products and present them to our industrial key account customers. I am in charge of cement, paper and wood markets, where the intensity of the process makes the use of lubricants essential.


My job involves a lot of travel, as lubricants are our most international products, sold in over 150 countries. I travel to our affiliates to train Total’s team, and also to our customers to visit their production plants and promote the Total brand.


This means that I meet employees of our affiliates and customers from each country. It gives me a unique opportunity in terms of discovering new cultures, in a non-tourist way and it is a very rich experience.


I would say that one of the most important skills in my job is the ability to keep an open mind and be curious. That’s how to best understand a customer’s requests and technical needs.


Looking ahead, the lubricants industry will face the challenge of entering a more digital world. Beside technical skills, what is expected from us is to identify and share best practices and to be able to adapt quickly.


The strength of an international company such as Total comes from the diversity of its employees. I discover new things every day and have new challenges coming from the various customers and prospects, which keeps my motivation high. And being at the heart of Total’s development on some market segment is useful preparation for a potential future role in business strategy.”