We’re getting to know Budget and Reporting Coordinator Valeria. Here’s what she has to say about her work, “My department is part of the Finance Directorate at Total. I work on the preparation, delegation and follow up of the Affiliate Budget and on the detail of the Group Report. I have Bachelor Degree in Economics from L. Bocconi University, Milan, specialized in Administration, Finance and Control.


This job requires strong quantitative and analytical skills. I also think that an entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to learn and determination are all really important to develop the activities needed to accomplish my objectives. It’s surprising how many times budget scenarios can change, so you have to be ready to quickly react in order to reflect these changes in the figures we use. Finally, it’s critical to be open to dialogue, and to share knowledge within the Group and Affiliate colleagues.


Although I am not required to travel in this job, I do take every opportunity to travel for training and other learning opportunities, like seminars. Meeting colleagues and sharing know-how is so important. Working for a multicultural and multinational Group like Total really makes you feel part of a big and important project.  In the future, I may look to work in a role with a more central Group focus, where I can deepen my understanding of how all the financial information is consolidated and delivered.


What advice would I give someone who wants to build a career in this area?  Work hard, be curious and remember that it’s not just about delivering the numbers, it’s about knowing what the figures represent!”