“I graduated from ESCP Europe, majoring in project management and business to business marketing. After three years as project manager, I now coordinate the onshore logistics activities of our Nigerian affiliate.


I am the interface between the drilling, field operations, project, HSE material superintendent and our offshore sites. It’s my job to secure the safe and efficient supply of our rigs and platforms with the bulk, equipment and catering needed to keep drilling and producing!  No two days are the same.


I manage a dynamic team of 17 Nigerian workers. On a daily basis we ensure that the right cargo is delivered to the right site, on time and at optimal cost. Safety of the personnel and integrity of our assets are my primary concerns.  I really enjoy working with such a diverse team and the richness of the Nigerian culture!


In the field, and with the pressure of a timely delivery, what’s important in my role is to be able to plan, organize and manage the team. Strong leadership and the ability to empower my team are also required.


For anyone considering a career in this area, I would recommend you that you open your mind to this opportunity. There is not a defined career path to follow, but there is so much to learn! Working in the field and with more senior people is very valuable at the start of your career.


I believe that it’s important to contribute to the development of our industry by challenging the legacy and renewing the roadmap for the energy industry.  To this end, I have joined several NGOs (Society of Petroleum Engineers, World Petroleum Council, Young Professionals in Energy and GEP-AFTP ) and I have been elected as French representative in the World Petroleum Council Youth Committee where we foster a constant dialogue between future and senior leaders of the energy industry.


Working for Total has enabled me to travel to almost all the continents. I have coordinated more than 40 people around the world. Longer term, I’m interested in potential roles in strategy and business development. The energy industry is moving and we need to keep one step ahead!