Meet Siril, a SAP Coordinator for Total E&P in Norway.


“I have a Bachelor degree in Economics (Audit and Accounting) from University of Stavanger in Norway, and I am now Affiliate Head of the SAP enterprise software program for Total. This is the software that we use for all management and operations.  It’s a really important organizational tool.


My role is to ensure the smooth overall operation of this management system, assure and promote its use, then make sure that people are using it properly.  I coordinate and approve studies of needs, upgrades, and new versions of the product.


I also represent the affiliate at the SAP Steering Committees, and coordinate the local SAP Steering Committee.


In a role like this I believe that it is important to be able to see the ‘helicopter view’ or big picture of an organization.  It’s also important to be positive, have good listening skills, and to be service minded – as you work with a lot of different departments. Finally, good interpersonal relationship skills and being solution oriented is a plus.


Do I travel much for work?  That depends on the project activity of the affiliate. When we have a lot of SAP related projects to be deployed, I often have to travel for testing, coordination etc. Travel is not a big part of my job on a day to day basis.


Although I do not have an IT technical background, I would say that if you work hard, take further education, stay positive, acquire knowledge from other colleagues, and have a solid educational background, it is possible to develop your skills to open up new career paths (and develop yourself as a person too).


Working for a multicultural and multinational company such as Total gives you an opportunity to evolve both for work and in a personal sense. There are opportunities to explore different types of interesting jobs within the same company, and in different countries, and cultures.


In the future I would like to improve and develop my leadership skills, and I hope to be able to have direct responsibility for a team – today I have indirect responsibility for my Lead and Key users.


My favorite part of the job is when we manage to work together from different departments to come up with good and sustainable process solutions in SAP.  The most surprising thing about my job? I never know what the day will bring – working with systems and servers are always challenging both from a user and system perspective.


Other from that I try to live by this idea; “Always aim to be the best version of yourself in your job – and work hard, it will pay off in the end!”