Sanjay is a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Manager – here’s what his role involves:


“I am responsible for managing the commercial and operational activities of importing foreign sourced LNG and exporting domestic LNG from the United States. Also, I negotiate deals together with other traders and negotiators to secure positions in new LNG business opportunities for Total in the United States. My job is to help Total grow and advance its position in the international LNG market.


I have a degree in International Business, University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.


To succeed in this job, I would say that being able to identify the risks and rewards associated with each business opportunity is really important as these transactions are quite significant in terms of size and risk. And, all negotiations and contracts have challenges and obstacles so you have to be able to think quickly and proactively to develop solutions that would benefit Total.


In terms of travel, it is cyclical – it really depends on the latest developments in the oil and gas markets. With Total, I have travelled and experienced first-hand many amazing countries and worked with people from all over the world.


Working for Total has been a great experience. We’re always working on interesting projects that not only support Total’s strategy but also provide for personal growth and development. And, needless to say, being involved in a successful negotiation is always exciting.”