Meet Pathy!  He is a Rig Engineer, working on a drillship located offshore Congo.


“I’m working on the Tungsten Explorer ship, on the Moho Nord project.  My responsibilities include rig performance monitoring, monitoring costs and writing reports.  I am also very involved with the engineering side – such as hole cleaning, torque and drag follow-up, using the T-Desk drilling software to monitor studies and making sure that all knowledge is shared.


I have an engineering degree from Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, where I majored in Mechanical Engineering.


The most important skill in my job?  In my opinion, it’s communication.  To succeed, a rig engineer must be curious and also show humility, be enthusiastic and self-motivating too.  It’s also important to work well both on your own and as part of a team.


I enjoy working with people from all over the world.  As yet, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel with my work, but looking at the careers of my colleagues, I can see myself drilling wells in other countries in the future.


My ambition is to be a good drilling engineer and in order to achieve that goal, I always knew that I should experience different drilling and engineering situations. Total is involved in deepwater projects, like the Moho Nord project, as well as shallow water and land drilling operations. We drill wells in everywhere from Siberia to Uruguay!


For my next move, I am hoping to move to the Albian development, still part of Moho Nord.  Here, for the first time, Total will drill from a TLP (Tension Leg Platform) assisted by a STAD (Semi-submersible Tender Assisted Drilling). As a former Total scholar, I am delighted to work for the company. Total is a worldwide company and I always represent myself as a world citizen. My favorite part of the job is the constant challenges – it’s never routine and I am never bored!”