“Currently I am working on Electricity & Instrumentation Field & Commissioning package for the Moho Nord to Djeno project. My responsibilities are diverse, they cover engineering, the supervision of construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and planning activities which are important to ensure that constructions conform to the standard and best practice rules.


My normal work day begins at 6am, when I leave home in Pointe-Noire and travel to the Moho-Nord Djeno site. Arriving on site around 7am, we always start with the issue of daily site work permits (security clearances for all on-site personnel) and a review of the planned activity of the day with all the different supervisors. We then have a safety talk on the risks associated with the activity, where we recall procedures and safety instructions or lead a discussion on any unusual behavior or good practice that has been observed on the site.


I’m on site all day, supervising the construction work, solving problems and coordinating with other disciplines. During the day there are also moments of discussion with the contractor about the progress and difficulties encountered and how we can resolve them without impacting work. My day usually ends with a meeting to discuss the next day’s permits, then I meet with the Head of Safety for a daily report. I go back to Pointe Noire at 6pm.


What I particularly enjoy about my job are the responsibilities and the different challenges every day. We have people of many different backgrounds on site but we all share a common goal. It’s a real human experience, as well as a great chance to improve my technical skills!


I am an engineer by training, a graduate of the IST-AC (now called ICAM-PAFU Institute) in Congo. After I graduated, I began training as an Engineer in Pointe Noire and gained a degree in Industrial Maintenance. I continued to alternate classroom learning and on-site experience in the second part of my training and I worked on several technical and organizational problems at the Djeno Terminal. This meant that when I eventually joined Total, I had already had exposure to different parts of the business, and I also knew my colleagues.


What do you need to be successful in this job? I think a mixture of curiosity, communication skills and common sense! Fieldwork is quite a male-dominated part of the business, but it’s a great choice for anyone who is motivated, can command respect and wants to do a job well.”