Nareswari is the former Total International University Relations Project Manager.


“My name is Nareswari and I am in charge of building and maintaining relationships with universities and students around the world. Our main objective is to provide a pool of talented people for our medium and long-term recruitment needs.


I graduated with an International Business and Management Degree, and did my Masters Degree in Finance and Investment in Erasmus University in the Netherlands. I always believe that knowledge, skills and attitude play an important role in determining the success of your career. Apart from being open-minded and internationally oriented, a good analytical, listening, and communication skills are crucial. Speaking multiple languages is a plus.


As an expatriate coming from Total in Indonesia, I really enjoy working in Total in Paris as it enriches both my knowledge of different businesses within the energy sector and the diverse needs that we have in terms of human resources internationally. My favorite part of the job is dealing with different people from different nationalities and backgrounds. This includes meeting with students and professors from different universities. Most importantly, I enjoy being useful for many people!“