“My name is Morgan and I’m the manager of the Mandji Island projects at Total Gabon. My role is to coordinate projects from the definition to the construction phase, and also make sure they are delivered safely, on budget and on time. For incoming projects, I have to coordinate engineering, tendering and contracting process. Then for projects in the construction phase, I make sure my team conducts all activities in compliance with the technical specifications and of course the Total “Golden rules” around safety.


I have a PhD in Engineering Sciences from University of Nantes in France.


The most amazing part of my job is the perpetual challenges. Engineering process have to be costed properly, procurement requires the right level of quality, price and delivery time, etc.  After all these daily challenges, when your project is achieved safely, on time, on budget, I feel like Merlin the Magician because I made it all happen! I take great satisfaction from my job and I’m proud of my team, especially as a woman working in what is still sometimes a male-dominated world.


Managing projects is like directing a musical orchestra, and I am the maestro! As we work with many stakeholders (government, engineering, contract, procurement, cost, planning, HSEQ, contractors, commissioning, exploitation…), we have to unify the performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and listen critically to the sound of the ensemble so that HSSE & Exploitation – our key ‘audience’ is satisfied. It is only if you listen people and people are attentive to you that you will be able to work closely with teams, as part of a family.


Because my role encompasses many disciplines, I have the opportunity to continually develop my knowledge in several disciplines, so I can apply to different position in the future. My short term focus is to work on my petroleum engineering and project development skills. Longer term, I would be interested in being Projects Head of Office. And if I could join part of the business ventures team of the Total group within 15 years, that would be great!”