“I started my technical education with a BSc. at the at the University of Nantes and a MSc at University of Montpellier in France. I then completed a specialized MSc. at the IFP school in Paris. Since I started at Total, I have continued to develop my skills in geophysics, especially in Seismic Interpretation, with further training.


Total is a very dynamic company. Over my five years here, I have moved positions every two years, learning new things every time, meeting new people, and developing new skills. At the moment, my day to day mission consists of analyzing various kinds of data to assess the oil and gas potential of a given area. The objective is to deliver a technical recommendation to my management team about what the prospects for success are. In my team, we travel regularly to London or Houston. I’ve also worked in Angola for 2 years.


Why am I successful in my role? I’m dynamic, enthusiast and involved! I like the challenge of integrating all resources to design an efficient strategy to answer a technical question. I learn something new every day.


To anyone wanting a career in this area, I would say, don’t be afraid to ask questions and to give your opinion – I think sharing ideas and experiences in a collaborative way is the key to success. My favorite part of my job is the team I work with, I have been so lucky to work with amazing people!


In the future, I would like to gain insight in the areas of economics, geopolitics, social and sustainable development. Fossil exploration and renewable energies projects can be combined and therefore be seen as complementary.”