Marième works in the Marketing Services branch for the Africa Middle East (AME) Division of Total. She is in charge of marketing fuel cards, mobile payment, digital strategy and loyalty programs. These different subjects fall under the umbrella term of New Concepts.


This means that along with her team, she provides support to 40 affiliates in the AME region when it comes to marketing Fuel Cards to both our business and individual customers. When it comes to mobile payments, Total was one of the early adopters of this disruptive technology in Africa and thus has positioned itself as an innovative actor in a booming sector. Africa is ripe with opportunities and Total recognized the changing expectations of its customers especially in regards to technology. As a response, a Total app was launched to serve as a station finder, give information on products and services and as a gateway to promotions..


Marième studied in Boston in the US and has a Bachelor degree in Finance from Suffolk University in the UK. After 4 years of experience in banking and corporate finance, she went back to school to get an MBA in Strategic Marketing at EADA in Barcelona, Spain. She has been with Total since 2012 which she labels  ‘a whirlwind experience’.


  • Name: Marième
  • Branch: Marketing & Services
  • Position: Fuel cards and New Concepts Manager
  • Field of study: Finance & Marketing
  • Years at Total: 5
  • Advice: Ask questions, have convictions, have fun!


If she had advice to give to someone wanting to build a career in her area Marième would say; be curious and ask questions. “Don’t ever feel intimidated. More often than not, people are willing to take the time to give you background information and help you put things in context. Have convictions! If you have an idea, push forward. Believe in it, fight for it. We have the resources and the experience to implement it. Internally, management is very receptive to new ideas, so don’t hesitate. Of course you will be challenged but that should only make you work harder at it. Lastly, have fun doing what you are doing, there is no substitute for passion. I believe we can only excel at the things we truly enjoy. I’m passionate about Africa, about making a difference, about new technology so I wake up every day excited about the projects I work on”.


Marième started working at Total in our Senegal affiliate before moving to the head office in Paris. In the medium term, she would like to maximize her international career. “I want to be part of the revolution that is currently happening in so many African countries”. She does not know where she will be in 5 or 10 years and she loves that unknown factor. “Total opens up a world of opportunities. I have a background in Finance and am now working in Marketing. I could one day be back in Finance. The options are endless and that’s what keeps me going. As a young African woman, I don’t have many companies where I can feel so valued. The sky is really the limit and that’s an intoxicating feeling that is quite welcome in my world!”