Meet petrophysicist Lucia! “Before joining the oil industry, I gained my knowledge conducting an extensive basin-scale study of siliciclastic Permian deposits involving sedimentology, basin analysis, burial and thermal modeling, clay analysis and micropaleontology.  I started in the Total technical center based in Pau, France. The integration in Total went smoothly and it was also facilitated by my previous PhD experience in a French speaking country. People are open and made me feel as part of the group. My first impression was confirmed about the high technical level of Total: any question in any field can be quickly answered by an expert.


I am currently part of the well operations and characterization department and the log interpretation group. I have been involved in short and long term projects ranging from logging recommendations to log interpretation and sensitivity studies of siliciclastic, carbonate and unconventional plays. I appreciate the diversity of the projects, the technical challenges and the exchange of knowledge. When I am not dealing with logs, I like reading, doing sports, cooking and sharing time with my family. I practice Pilates, African dance and play tennis. The Pau area offers many possibilities for indoor and outdoor activities, with the Pyrenees mountains and the beach nearby.”