“I studied chemical engineering, specializing in organic chemistry before starting in Research at Total’s Solaize Research Center (CRES) as a chemical engineer responsible for a research team.  Since then, I’ve managed ever larger teams and continued to develop my technical knowledge, especially in Lubricants.  Having moved from a research to operational roles where I manage teams and projects, I have a wide understanding of the business.


Today, I’m the Expert in Marine Lubricants for Total’s Marketing and Services branch.  This part of the business is concerned with the creation, manufacture and commercial activities of lubricants and greases for large vessels, like trading, military or passenger ships.


At the moment, I’m working on the approval and launch of a revolutionary engine lubricant dedicated to bigger vessels, which will provide simplicity and operation flexibility and the digitalization of Total Lubmarine services and tools with video reporting and data processing. No two days are the same, but what’s constant is the solidarity and teamwork of my colleagues.


Working in different locations and with international teams has enabled me to also build up intercultural skills, which is really important in this global business. In fact, I’d say that one highlight of my experience working at Total is the multicultural relationships that are part of working in a global business.  Being multilingual and being able to communicate well are two important skills for success in the energy industry.  It’s also important to be open-minded and take others’ views into account.  You also need to be able to develop leadership and other new competences.


I gained a great deal of knowledge throughout my career, and this constant learning is stimulating and always intellectually challenging. I have gained expertise in chemical synthesis, engine technologies, vessel operation and now digital projects in start-up mode.


I believe that the future will combine both digital and engineering innovations, as well as environmental. For anyone about to start their career, I recommend that you consider and influence your professional life with these views. Use the power of data and technology to build up a sustainable life on your planet.”