“I’m Jan and I’m a Senior Exploration Geophysicist at Total. My masters and PHd were in earthquake seismology and basin analysis, and I wanted to apply this knowledge in a large company where I could work globally on the whole spread of geographic environments. I now work in a group that focuses on fractured reservoirs. This is an area that requires both an understanding which is quite deep but at the same time quite wide, as it interrelates strongly with geophysics, geology and geomechanics.


Now I’m on secondment to an Austrian company on an exploration project in the offshore Black Sea. This is a relatively new area of exploration. I focus on the interpretation of our newly-acquired seismic data sets and integrate the results with regional geologic knowledge. The stakes are high because it’s a deepwater frontier area, but it’s exciting to be using state-of-the-art geophysical exploration tools, as well as developing geophysical concepts and contributing to exploration decisions.”