Meet Ivan!  He’s a Methods, Maintenance and Inspection Engineer at Total’s Incahuasi project in Bolivia. “I studied first in Bolivia, then completed a Master’s in Petroleum Engineering and Project Management at IFP School. Next, I interned as a Drilling Engineer at Total.


In my current role, I’m working directly with the site Maintenance and Inspector Manager, an intelligent man who constantly helps me develop. I’m learning so much from him! I also really enjoy being part of the important meetings with our contractors and subcontractors, another great chance to build my knowledge.


In this job, it’s important to be able to work well under pressure. I’d advise anyone considering a career in this area to work on organizing your time, and to learn to be persistent. Total is such a multicultural company, and being able to operate in that environment is important too. Speaking multiple languages is a plus.


What’s next? I’d like to work as a production engineer on the same project. For me, TOTAL is the best petroleum enterprise in my country. It is an honor for me to work with a group of people with such incredible experience and different backgrounds.”