“My name is Frédéric and I’m a Commercial Manager for Refining & Chemicals in Total’s European Base Chemicals Marketing department in Brussels, Belgium.  I negotiate contracts with key customers who purchase benzene on the open market. I ensure that our products are sold at the best prices and are in line with the Group’s strategic choices and commercial orientation.


I coordinate with Total’s European trading department, who work with people in Asia and the US because trading happens around the clock in different time zones.


My job is exciting and, although there is stress, it’s a positive experience. I’ve learned to make good decisions quickly and I happen to know the benzene market very well. It’s a challenge: although 1 euro is only 1 euro, when we are talking about several tons of products it amounts to huge sums.


I have worked with Total in different operational positions for 10 years. I spent the last two years in Jubail and wanted to return to Europe and branch out into a new field. My career manager helped me make the transition.


There is more to my role than just the supplier-client relationship; I work with many different departments – legal, logistics, market intelligence, strategy, credit & accounts, and industrial site managers.”