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Say hello to Eva. She’s a Digital Transformation Junior Project Manager, part of the Leadership Development Program team at Total.


“I work with Total Senior Executives on our reverse mentoring program, which means that I help experienced workers who may not be ‘digital natives’ to work with digitally-skilled junior staff in order to enhance their digital knowledge.


Recently, I’ve also started working on a Digital Talent program, to train networks of facilitators who will be internal drivers of Total’s Digital Transformation. I’ve delivered this project from A to Z, which has been very satisfying! My manager explained to me that she needed help, but she gave me all the space I needed to experiment with new ideas and to develop my own initiatives.


The third part of my job is a project called PEPS, which stands for ‘Plaisir – Engagement – Performance – Sens’ (Pleasure – Commitment – Performance – Meaning). The objective of this online training program is to improve people’s skills in listening, dialogue and communication.


My background is not in engineering or energy studies - I studied Philosophy at the University of Nanterre, then followed my interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and studied for a second Master’s degree at Sciences-U Paris. In my early career, I discovered that I had a real vocation for training others. Nowadays, what gets me up in the morning is the challenge of my job, but also the satisfaction of helping others develop their skills.


Digital transformation is a really fast-moving area, which I find stimulating. For example, when someone in my team hands over a project, I try to look at it with fresh eyes. It’s important to keep learning – not just to stick with what you know. To succeed you need to get out of your comfort zone, discover new things, get new perspectives and make connections between things that have nothing to do with each other.”


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