Meet Dorra! She is Deputy Vice President for Southern Cone countries in Total’s Exploration & Production Branch in the Americas division, based in Paris.


“I represent Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay affiliates in Total’s Paris headquarter. I’m acting in a dual capacity – on the one hand I provide guidance, advice and support regarding commercial issues, business opportunities and strategic direction to the affiliate, whilst at the same time I advocate on behalf of the affiliates to senior executives at Total HQ. I have an intimate insight into the affiliate activities, external messaging and key stakeholder relationships.


I’m a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique in France and Said Business School at the University of Oxford in the UK. For the first three years of my career, I worked as an investment banker and I advised some of the world’s largest corporations, private equity firms and governments on a wide range of equity capital raising transactions (IPOs, rights issue, convertible instruments and privatizations).


I joined Total in 2009 as an E&P senior economist. I was in charge of the valuation of E&P business opportunities in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Azerbaïdjan. I also participated in the renegotiation of Kashagan PSC amendment with Kazakh authorities and in the new fiscal terms negotiations with Nigerian authorities.


Before joining the Americas division, I was in charge of the Exploration & Production branch within the group corporate strategy team. I had the opportunity to interact directly with senior management (CEO, CFO and Senior Strategy Vice President) to define strategic perspectives based on the Group’s consolidated long term plan. I was also in charge of the coordination and production of several macroeconomic studies and analysis in the oil and gas industry.


At Total, I get the opportunity to work on some of the most complex and challenging projects worldwide. Each project is unique – you need to understand the technical, legal, political, business and financial drivers and implications for each project. I have worked with people from all corners of the world and I have travelled everywhere from Azerbaïdjan to Bolivia! While technology has greatly reduced the need to travel, face-to-face meetings and personal relationships are still an essential aspect of doing business.”