“I’m a Project Director for New Ventures and Asset Management within the Exploration and Production branch of Total. I am based in Total headquarters in Paris. My role is to identify and obtain opportunities for Total to participate in the exploration and production of oil and gas, in particular in Angola, Nigeria, the Republic of Congo and South Sudan. This involves nurturing relationships with governments and oil and gas companies and discussing our respective strategies and business.


I studied civil engineering and law. For the first ten years of my career, I worked as an international arbitration lawyer in private practice and then in-house counsel for Total, negotiating the terms of acquisitions and joint ventures. After that I have worked as an engineer being responsible for development studies for oil and gas projects in Africa.


Listening and being able to understand how people think is important in being able to communicate effectively and work with a broad range of people.  I have worked with people from all corners of the world for Total and I have travelled from Alaska to Papua New Guinea to Sao Tome and Principe! While technology has greatly reduced the need to travel, face-to-face meetings and personal relationships are still an essential aspect of doing business.


Total provides me the opportunity to continually develop by offering me a range of different roles across my career. Looking ahead, two future roles at Total that I would be interested in are being responsible for new business ventures of a specific subsidiary and defining the strategy for exploration and production activities for the Total group.”