“I have overall responsibility for coordinating new wells, well maintenance and well interventions at our sites on Alwyn North and Dunbar. The nature of the job means we often have to be reactive to issues as they arise. At the end of the year, we compare what we had planned to do, with what we actually delivered – there can be unplanned work that gets introduced into the program, particularly on Alwyn. That’s part of the challenge when working with a mature hub.


Alwyn has been almost continuously drilling since 1986 and in fact we’ve just finished well N56 – our 56th well from a 40-slot platform – that’s some achievement. Drilling is getting quite complicated; there are lots of mature wells, all ageing in different ways. Well integrity remains an emerging science. As worldwide well stocks mature, we are seeing a whole host of integrity challenges requiring an ever more sophisticated approach to well management.


Dunbar is a separate case. We’re currently waiting to get to work on a healthy sequence of sidetrack wells and interventions once the Phase IV project is handed over to us. Until that happens I don’t have much responsibility other than coordinating with Projects as they finalize the drilling package reinstatement.


Planning makes up a large part of my responsibilities. We focus heavily on our 24-month plan but we’re also looking ahead to beyond 2017 on Alwyn and the end of the Dunbar drilling campaign in 2018. If the Triassic wells on Alwyn unlock enough reserves, we could have drilling work extending beyond 2020.


I get in around 7am, and most days I’m balancing a mix of planning with reacting to issues, talking to the rig and attending operations meetings as well as briefing our Well Construction and Maintenance Manager. I’m lucky to have a good team around me, so the job only needs a light touch and the people around me just get on with it.”