“I’m Chris, an Exploration Geologist for Total based in Paris. It’s my responsibility to identify and assess oil and gas prospects. Our aim is to find the next giant oil and gas fields. My role involves investigating the structure and evolution of the Earth and its natural resources, surveying and mapping promising sites and analyzing all geological data in order to provide a better understand of prospective areas.


For the last 12 months I’ve been working as part of an integrated multi-disciplinary team, focused on the Asia Pacific region. We are working on a number of frontier basins which is an exciting opportunity.


I have a Geology undergraduate degree and a Petroleum Geology Postgraduate degree from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. After graduating, I joined Total’s UK affiliate in Aberdeen where I worked for 5 years as an Exploration Geologist across the UK Continental Shelf. I then undertook Total’s wellsite geology training program, a series of courses taught by Total experts and leading service companies covering all aspects of wellsite geology. Following the training I worked at rig sites in the UK, onshore Nigeria and Arctic Russia.


My recent work has involved trips to Thailand and Myanmar to discuss ideas with colleagues, partners and technical experts. At Total we feel it’s important to share our technical insights as much as possible – I have just recently returned from presenting at geological conference in Yangon. I believe the best Exploration Geologists are those who have studied a diversity of geological system throughout the world.


I advise graduates considering a career in this sector to think outside the box and never be afraid to share your ideas no matter how radical. And never stop asking questions – it’s the best way to learn and strengthen new concepts!”