Let’s get to know Charlotte. She is a Process Engineer at Total’s refinery in Donges, France.


“I started at the Total research center in Le Havre in 2005 as a process modeling engineer. I worked here for 3 years in a team that develops process models capable of representing our refining units. My skills in process engineering and my PhD in modeling led me to this area of work.


My next role in Total took me to Paris, where I worked as a modeling engineer. I was involved in the development of macroscopic models capable of representing the refinery as a whole. Our goal was to provide sites with tools to optimize the purchase of crude oil and the sale of finished products. This sparked my interested in seeing how a refinery works, so I joined the Donges refinery process department in 2012.


Here I’m in charge of the follow-up and optimization of several units of the refinery. I supervise a technician and our objective is to make sure that the units are available, reliable and we are aware of any constraints or issues.

Key Facts

  • Name: Charlotte Guillot de Suduiraut
  • Branch: Refining & Chemicals
  • Position: Process Engineer
  • Field of study: Process Engineering
  • Years at Total: 12
  • Advice: Be open to opportunities!

Working in a major refinery: variety and challenge

When I arrived on site, I realized that a major part of my job consists of inspecting refinery units during a scheduled downtime, to ensure performance at restart.

During these phases, my activities are very different. This was something that I did not expect and I really appreciate and enjoy this varied way of working.

Team work and listening skills

I work within a multidisciplinary team, which includes colleagues with responsibility for operation, maintenance and economics. So we need to manage everyone’s expectations, so that we can all do our job. To succeed in this role, in addition to the technical aspects, I think that communication skills are vital. You should listen to everyone and be able to work effectively with team members from different disciplines.

How does working at Total enable you to achieve your ambitions?

At Total, I get the opportunity to work in different jobs, and I feel that I can continue to grow my career and my experience within the company. Having worked on three different sites so far, I am open to new working methods and have learnt that different sites have different cultures. Next, I’m working on the building of a new unit on our site in Donges. It is a great challenge to expand the lifespan of the site and for me, it will be a new experience too.


I am also proud to contribute to Total’s ‘Committed to Better Energy’ strategy. We try daily to manufacture oil products with processes that are economical in energy and resource consumption and with increasingly clean products. We are currently seeking to be certified ISO 50001, which would demonstrate our commitment anew.”