“I work as an exploration geologist (also known as a synthesis geologist) within the New Ventures department at Total’s headquarters in Paris. Our overall goal is to enrich the mining portfolio of Total by choosing the most prospective blocks. To achieve this aim, we work in teams of geoscientists (geologists and geophysicists) to produce high-level technical interpretation of blocks, basins and regions.


A geologist is involved in a wide variety of projects at each stage of the upstream energy industry: from exploration to operations through to development.  Geologists are also naturalists and should develop both observation and listening skills. Moreover, the ability to adapt to different roles, projects, countries and to have the ability to work effectively within diverse teams is the key. And the willingness to break away from routine and to be innovative and develop creativity is essential.


There are travel opportunities with my job through missions (to meet consortiums, competitors, or governments), rotations on platforms, expatriation or on trainings. During the initial four years at Total each new employee follows a ‘training passport’, a tailor-made program designed to give maximum experience and training possible in order to develop both technical and personal skills. For potential graduate employees, I would ask yourself whether you are ready to be flexible in term of job position, work projects, living and working in world locations and working within international and diverse teams. Apply for an internship at Total in order to gain a clear understanding of the geoscience roles available (geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering and ‘geoinformation’) and their interaction with one another. Finally, persevere and above all stay passionate, enthusiast and open-minded!”