My daily work consists of covering Total’s needs in terms of sea transportation for clean energy products. We use our own time chartered fleet of tankers and have also access to spot markets, where we hire vessels to carry a specific cargo from a load port to a discharge port.


Every day is a new challenge as volatility is the main characteristic of freight markets! While mainly driven by supply and demand, we need to permanently monitor various factors like seasonality, stock levels, local and international regulations which can influence the freight rates. Of course, we always keep in mind safety as the top priority.


After obtaining a M.Sc. in Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering from ENSTA Bretagne, I joined Total in the Shipping technical department, based in Paris. This was a great experience – I worked across different projects, including developing tankers and LNG carrier specifications, supervising new-build and ship repairs overseas, as well as fleet performance follow-up. Frequent worldwide travel was part of the job.


I then joined the shipping commercial side, on the time chartering desk.  The objective is to define and build up the crude and product time chartered fleet of the Group, taking into account the important technical and financial aspects that fit with our needs for seaborne trade.


Since I joined Total, I have learnt to handle unpredictable changes – ‘routine’ never happens! Being part of Total has allowed me to discover new cultures and new ways of working. It is a big puzzle where all the parts have to be assembled together in order to make good decisions at the right time. Team work is vital when it comes to dealing with the daily and future challenges.”