Total at Work


Meet Benoit! As Vice President of the Deep Water & Subsea product line, his workplace is at the bottom of the sea. Pioneering spirit is one of Total’s core values, and something he lives by every day. So, what does Benoit’s job involve on a daily basis?


“We do preliminary studies to see if it's economical to produce oil or gas in a certain deep water location. If we conclude that it could be economical, the next step is a very thorough study to draw a robust field development plan and design the wells and production facilities.  Then when the decision is made to launch the project, we support its execution.” It may sound straightforward, but this is an extremely challenging job, where we push technological frontiers.


Luckily Benoit says that, “I have a real passion for operations where I have spent most of my career!  It’s an extraordinary job for a lot of reasons. We go where no one has gone before and we develop projects that nobody has managed to put in place so far.”


Working as part of a tight-knit team of people from around the world is key to success, according to this experienced leader. He says that, “There is solidarity within the team and it's great that we have the chance to mix with different cultures because we travel a lot. It is a very fulfilling experience thanks to the countries we discover and the people we meet.”


What helps to keep Benoit motivated? “First of all, it’s the desire to contribute to Total’s evolution in this changing world, in the context of energy issues, geopolitics, low oil prices, global warming, environment, access to energy in the world and poverty. I want to play a part in how Total improves the overall situation. I also want to share my passion for what I do with new employees, and to transmit our values ​​and spirit. And I love going out of my comfort zone.”


Looking ahead, what continues to inspire him? “There’s a lot of technology and innovation being developed at the moment. Every day is enriching from both the professional and personal points of view. Travel is another extremely valuable part of the job as it provides me with a world view and inspiring experiences.”


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