“My name is Anthony and I’m a HSEQ engineer – that’s Health & Safety, Security, Environment and Quality. I’m responsible for implementing each of these policies onsite, and I build integrated management systems to reduce the impact of our activity. It’s up to me to anticipate and minimize the risk of accidents or incidents across the 4 areas. That means that I work on everything from ensuring that products are safe for employees like ecotoxicologists to handle, and that our installations are secure and safe.


I studied Environmental Engineering, before further degrees specializing in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) field. I then started off in an advisory role to depot managers, and I was in charge of Health and Security for 26 fuel storage sites. After this first job, I chose to specialize in industrial hazards. Now I’m Head of Operational Safety in Paris. This means that I have to guarantee the safety of all units on site: storage, pumping and loading. I work with of a team of three engineers. I love both the technical and managerial aspects of my job.”