Let’s get to know Andres! He’s an Offshore Drilling Engineer in Argentina.


“My job consists of preparing, following up and performing technical studies and assessments to drill and deliver wells in the offshore Argentina area. I focus on HSE and operational performance improvement.


I studied Petroleum Engineering at ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires). Efficiency is my strong point. I am also good at analytical thinking and I have solid communication and teamwork skills.


I start my day checking the reports coming from the rig. Every day we have a morning call between the office and the rig where we discuss HSE issues, the last 24 hours of operations, other issues and also upcoming operations.


Sometimes Immediate actions come out from the meeting that keep me busy. Otherwise I work on assisting the preparation of engineering documents to successfully drill wells in the offshore area. We capture and share the information from new technology or complicated operations for further improvement. This helps us control the delivery of services and equipment by service companies and also optimize operational expenses to achieve cost efficiencies. Finally, we prepare drilling engineering studies, programs and assessments that adhere to the HSE policies.


Travel and mobility is a big part of my job, and for everyone who works in drilling. There are rigs everywhere. In Argentina, to go to the rig offshore in Tierra del Fuego, we have to fly from Buenos Aires to Rio Grande (3h30) and then take a helicopter from the airport to go to the rig (1h). For anyone considering a career in this area, I’d say that they should be ready to travel all around the world. Drilling is like a family and it is full of experienced hands willing to help you if you want to learn! At the same time, people with fresh ideas are needed to help push the limits and to think out of the box.


With Total, I have a very stable job which allows me to plan my life in the long term and fully develop my professional career. I enjoy working with many different people from all over the world and I love how dynamic my job can be. Every well is different and full of opportunities to learn!”