Meet Andree! He’s a Petroleum Architect – you might remember him from our ‘Travels with My Toothbrush’  series too.


“I studied civil engineering and then did an MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore. I have always been fascinated by the energy world – energy is an integral part of our lives.


After graduating as an engineer, I had the opportunity to work in the technical and operational parts of the oil and gas industry. Later on my role transformed into a business and commercial one, which is an area that I am very interested in. As a petroleum architect, I have been exposed to an even wider aspect of energy development, whereby safety, technical, operational, profitability, as well as sustainability and impact to the environment have to be thoroughly assessed.


My job is like being a conductor of an orchestra. They are responsible for managing the musical talents for the joy of the audience. No instrument can be too dominant over others, everything has to be in harmony. Similarly, I am privileged to coordinate multi-disciplinary technical experts, each with unique expertise and specific know-how.


I have to understand exactly what is required in terms of the technical solutions, the most important, critical aspects, risks and uncertainties involved. I also have to ensure that we are being selective in defining what technical areas on which we need to focus, especially given limited resources, time and budget. Thanks to Total’s comprehensive technical standards & manuals – amongst the best in the industry – we are guided in our evaluation approach in order to deliver robust field development concepts, which are fit for purpose, safe to develop and operate and will allow profitable production of the oil & gas resources.


In the current economic climate, we have to adapt our ways of working. With advancements in technology and IT, we can now do many things which were not possible several years ago. It is also the case in communication and information/data exchange. Moreover, we have reliable teams in our subsidiaries, for which we conduct development engineering studies, to support the HQ technical team whenever local information/data is required. Not only is the subsidiary our client, but also our partner, and the local team is in the best position to gather local information and data.


Sometimes, travelling cannot be avoided nor can we replace the personal dimension of face-to-face meetings. Nonetheless, we work effectively whilst being cost-efficient and limiting our own carbon footprints as a result of long-distance travels.


In future, I look forward to continue exploring the world of energy. Without energy sufficiency, we won’t be able to reach our full potential. Development will be constrained, economic growth will be stagnant and we won’t reach the level of quality of life to which we all aspire.


I would be thrilled to be involved in the development of future energy, particularly renewables. We spend a large amount of time in our professional work, sometimes more than the time we have for ourselves and family. So I want to make sure that the time and effort that I put is worthwhile and fulfilling! Working at Total enables me to find this balance.”