Before joining the oil and gas industry, I did a four-year Undergraduate and Master degree at Imperial College London, United Kingdom.


The main thing that drew me to this business is that it is an emerging industry and a very rewarding field. It offers those that join it a vast amount of knowledge and skills, and getting the opportunity to learn and experience something new every day alongside professionals from different backgrounds motivates me to stay within the industry.


I have worked for almost two years in the oil and gas industry since graduating and it has been a very rewarding journey so far with the training given, which has been helpful for my career development. To further my career progress, I am always open to confront and tackle new challenges and to take the opportunities to show my skills.


I believe the key to making a difference is to know your strengths and limitations and work with them to bring the best out of you. In addition, I aim to be an example that encourages the next generation of talented females to take up more challenging roles in the oil and gas industry in order to achieve a more diverse local workforce.


My message to the youth who wish to join the industry is that it is very important for one to plan ahead and to start thinking about career aspirations. Furthermore, with the increasingly global demand for energy in our daily lives, the oil and gas industry will continue to play a major role. Be confident, work hard and you will succeed.


I have always been satisfied with the job that I have now and I am lucky to be in this position. With that in mind, I believe a positive attitude will enable you to better assist the organization to overcome new challenges, and to make a positive difference within the group and in the countries in which it operates.