“My name is Victoria and I am doing my internship in the well productivity operations department at Total E&P Congo. After my bachelor’s degree in Congo I went to France to continue my graduate studies. I have a degree in Applied Physics and I am currently finishing my studies Engineering Fluid Mechanics and Energetics at the University of Lorraine in Nancy.


What I enjoy most about my experience are the technical and practical exchanges with people across different areas – including Geosciences, reservoir specialists and drillers. I also enjoy working with a large number of people to collect data that shows how wells are performing against key criteria. I’ve also learned a lot from participating in presentations prior to the purchases of new tools – pumps, monitoring tools, applications and software – which involves dealing with subcontractors.


I work on potential wells, following their evolution through key performance indicators (KPIs). I assist the manager with the design of the pumps which must be lowered into the well, and finally I am involved in the creation and review of models of new and old wells.


One thing that I’ll never forget was my first descent to see the start of a well at sea!  It was truly magical, and a chance to see what all my calculations and software were for!


I think that doing an internship at Total is an excellent opportunity to progress my career and help me achieve my ambitions. A major group like Total is internationally recognized for its technical expertise in the constant efforts to find and produce energy efficiently and safely. This experience will be a highlight of my CV; in particular all the technical exchanges and HSE training which I have completed.


What’s important to succeed in my role? Autonomy, curiosity and the ability to deal with other entities, particularly GSR (Geosciences and Reservoir) and DFC (Drilling and Completion). Far from making photocopies, in this internship I have had the chance to be really hands on and put into practice everything that I learnt in 5 years of study. It’s been a real chance to learn on the job. I’ve also made strong friendships through my experience.”