Introducing Quentin!  He’s an intern in Total’s Research and Development (R&D) department, within Exploration and Production.


“This is a multidisciplinary department, so being adaptive and able to manage multiple tasks is really important. In fact, at my internship interview, the panel focused on my ability to do just this.


Coming from an engineering background, I am really broadening my knowledge base in this role, especially in non-technical areas such as economics, policy, strategy, Intellectual property and even taxation!


I am working on a project which involves evaluating 11 different countries to establish the most attractive environment for R&D activity.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet with all managers of the E&P research programs and to present my work to the senior team. I found all of them very accessible and they allowed me a lot of time to share ideas and enrich my study.


I’m currently studying energy engineering at Mines Douai. Next, I plan to achieve a degree in energy policy at Imperial College in London, so I wanted to complement my technical expertise with a wider experience and non-technical skills. This internship has completely matched my expectations.


What’s important in this role is to have an open mind and to have capacity to learn.  It’s also essential that you are really interested and motivated in the subject of your work. Finally, being flexible is vital.  I also suggest that interns should focus on writing a tailored motivation letter as part of their application.


For me, I have discovered the working environment of an international company and got to know more about the huge range of opportunities on offer.”