Meet Marine, our featured intern in Bolivia.


“I completed my Master’s degree in Human Resources and then joined Total for a 6-month internship, as an HR Development Analyst in Total E&P Bolivia (TEPBO).


This internship has given me a great chance to reconnect with my own past; I lived in La Paz for 2 years when I was younger. One of the highlights of my experience so far has been rediscovering Latin-American culture, and improving my Spanish. I also enjoy working in a multicultural company, and having the opportunity to coordinate with Total headquarters on global HR projects. The most enjoyable about this professional and personal experience was how local people (colleagues and neighbors too) welcomed me and helped me integrate.


To me, the most important quality to succeed in my role is the ability to operate across different business functions.  With my team, I work on various subjects, across different issues and towards different deadlines. I enjoy coordinating a project, getting support from others to make it succeed and capitalizing on diversity to enhance the creativity of the initiatives too.


In my role supporting the newly created Career Development function in our Bolivian subsidiary, I also discovered the value of listening people talking about their career and ambitions. I enjoy being able to guide them in this thinking process.


This experience has really confirmed my professional desire to work in HR. It also helped me to define the kind of companies I would like to work for. I now feel more confident in applying for opportunities that have a strong international component. I also realize that I really want to spend more time working in foreign countries, and in multicultural environments.


What advice would I give someone who wants to intern at Total? Keep in mind that your own attitude and approach will make your integration into the company easier, and also focus on developing your own professional network. Make the most of foreign assignments, stay open-minded and be flexible! Finally, I really think that transparency and integrity are critical success factors in professional relationships, especially in a multicultural environment.”