Meet Julien!  He’s a final-year engineering student and a former Total intern.


“I had subscribed to the job alert, which meant I received internship opportunities as soon as they were published. I had also prepared a draft of my CV and cover letter for Total. When I saw an internship offer that matched my skills and aspirations, I applied very quickly and I targeted my cover letter to fit the requirements of the internship. The following day, I was contacted by Total. After a successful interview with a technical expert, my application was accepted. I ended up doing a four-month internship between May and September 2015 at Total E&P in Pau France, in the Geostatistics and Uncertainties department.


My internship allowed me to strengthen my analytical skills. I learnt a lot about Geostatistcs as I did a dedicated internal training course on the subject. In my role, I was designing software to model drifts of lithological variables (porosity, facies type).  I first attended a brainstorming session to better understand the expectations of the users. I then wrote code in Java to bring the ideas that had been expressed to life. During the process, I was working in close collaboration with geologists to test my program on real data. At the end of my internship, I attended several meetings to demonstrate the features of the program and receive feedback.


I really enjoyed working at Total and I did not imagine that I would meet so many different people with very diverse backgrounds. For example, I had the opportunity to collaborate with interns from China and Canada. This experience was really enriching and I even made new friends! The atmosphere was very friendly and my colleagues were eager to support me when I experienced difficulties.


My goal is to work in Geosciences, as a geophysicist or as a reservoir engineer. Working at Total helped me to get a ‘foot in the door’ and experience life in an international company. The knowledge and skills I developed while working at Total will undoubtedly help me achieve my career objectives. I gained a better understanding of the wide variety of career paths offered at Total. I also appreciated the fact that your career path is not carved in stone – for each job, many career options are available.


After high school, I studied for two years in “Classes préparatoires”, an undergraduate course preparing for the competitive examinations in Maths and Physics to enter the “Grandes Ecoles”. I then joined the Ecole des Mines de Douai to study energy engineering.  I am currently studying at Ecole des Mines de Paris  on an academic exchange program to gain a deeper understanding of geosciences-related subjects.


Apart from technical skills, my internship required an ability to adapt quickly to unfamiliar topics. Therefore, curiosity and interpersonal skills are essential to hit the ground running.


Finally, my advice to land an internship would be to show that you really understand what the internship involves and that you have everything it takes to succeed. Recruiters also pay attention to extra-curricular activities since they give real-life examples of your soft skills.  Many students tend to underestimate the diversity of jobs offered at Total. No matter if you are studying IT, geosciences, process engineering, economy or law, Total will surely have an internship to match your interests!”