Meet Gitte!  She’s a second year master student in petroleum geology, currently doing an internship in the development team of the geosciences department of Total E&P Netherlands.


“Every year Total visits the Utrecht University for interviews for internships in collaboration with the SPE Student Chapter in Utrecht and I feel very lucky to have been selected for an internship!  So far, I have learned numerous technical skills needed for my MSc project, but I also really like working in the dynamic environment of an operator business. People from different backgrounds and professions work together to get the most information out of the available data.


During my time here, I developed a 3D facies model of the Westphalian A and B offshore block of Total E&P Netherlands. This involves the building of the model itself, the modelling of the geological features present in the area and the modelling of the petrophysical properties of the rock. For me as a Petroleum geologist this project involves all the parts of geology that I like: structural geology when building the grid, sedimentary geology in the facies modelling part and petrophysics.


I encourage potential interns to make sure that they get the best out of your time in the company! It’s important to be curious, then you can gain more knowledge and more skills in your internship.


When I finish this internship, and in the near future finish my MSc. I want to work as a geoscientist in an operator. For me an operator is the liveliest part of the petroleum industry because the company executes the project from begin to end.”