Meet Eudes! He’s an intern in Total E&P Congo’s, in the department responsible for the maintenance and supervision of operations.


“How did I get this internship? I sent a CV and covering letter at first, and then the university relations team took me through the rest of the process. My primary studies were in electrical engineering, with a focus on electromechanical engineering.


As an intern, I’m constantly developing personally and professionally. Being part of a team means that I’m learning to listen, share and work hard, and apply creative thinking too. I’ve also learnt the importance of staying positive and maintaining a good mood, regardless of any pressures or stresses!


​​One of the most rewarding experiences to date was working on the Djéno Terminal. This was to prepare the handover of the management of a power plant between AGGREKO International and Total EP Congo.  I saw leadership, management and negotiation first hand, and saw how important diplomacy and cooperation is in order to successfully collect the maximum information to securely manage the operation after the departure of AGGREKO technicians. After this, I moved into maintenance engineering, where I now continue my internship.


Now I work with an on-site maintenance team helping to maintain and ensure the safe operation of our equipment. The continuity of the offshore and onshore production depends on my team, and the priority is always the safety of our people and our assets. I’ve realized that the success of a production depends on the preparation and then the implementation.


If I were to sum up the characteristics of the Total people I work with, I’d say that what’s important is a willingness to learn constantly, determination to face new challenges, courage, and respect for rules and for others. For any future interns, I would recommend above all that they seek to learn as much as possible from the experienced teams, and to be humble! I’m still learning myself – I took part in the recent Total-IFP MOOC.


What does the future hold? I’m very interested in working on new production projects, and participating in the design and installation of production units. Through my experience with Total, I feel that I have greatly expanded my mind and now have a much better idea of where my future lies.”