Meet Arnaud! He’s just finished a 6-month internship with Total in Pointe Noire, Congo working in the Moho Nord Drilling Engineering Department.


“I’m in charge of creating and implementing the Drilling Improvement Process (DIP) on the Moho Nord project. This is to continuously improve our drilling performances by establishing a rigorous monitoring of key performance indicators, allowing us to save time and money over the next few years of operations. As part of this mission, I am spending two weeks on the rig for the drilling of the first well to see how this process is being used and what we can do to make it more efficient.


This internship is a very valuable experience before I graduate in December 2014 from my final year of my Masters degree at l’Ecole Centrale Paris. Next I want to apply for a Drilling Engineer position at Total, so this experience has really helped get more familiar with offshore operations.


My favorite part of the job is that the operations are full of surprises and unexpected events. Problems you haven’t thought of will always come up and it’s up to me and the rig team to find a way to solve them. And that is very exciting and enriching!”