Nimir Elbashir


“My name is Nimir Elbashir, and I am a Professor in the Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering Programs at Texas A&M University at Qatar, a branch of Texas A&M University since 2011. I am also the Director of the Engineering Experiment Station Gas and Fuels Research Center here, and the focus of my research activities is the design of advanced reactors, catalysts and conversion processes for natural gas, coal, and CO2 into ultra-clean fuels and value-added chemicals.


The collaboration between academia and industry in Qatar is a critical step in establishing world-class research facilities in Qatar and to facilitate knowledge transfer. It is a win-win situation as academia benefits from working on real life problems of direct relevance to oil and gas industry’s needs, whilst industry benefits from the outcome of the research work and opportunities for early training.


I had the pleasure of working with Total on a mega research project involving utilizing Qatar’s CO2 to produce ultra-clean fuels and value-added chemicals. Total played a critical role in building up the infrastructure for this project and in supporting it in several ways. Through the support of Total teams both in Feluy, Belgium and in Doha I was able to build up a strong proposal that has been considered of great merit to the state of Qatar.


As well as their daily involvement in the project, Total also provides high-level consultation services to ensure the quality of the research work, and also to investigate the scalability of the possibly developed catalysts and processes from this project. Working with the Total teams has been a great experience, and I found them supportive and extremely collaborative.”