Jamal Chaouki


Jamal Chaouki, Canadian Professor at the Polytechnique de Montréal, has teamed up with Total since 2010 on a quest to make better energy through innovation. This thought leader is world-renowned in the field of Chemical Engineering and one of 30 research Chairs that Total supports around the globe.


A global approach to research


Jamal is proud to be part of Total’s Chair program, which aims to build long-term relationships with innovative individuals and institutions in the countries where the Group operates. Together, we are dreaming-up solutions to the challenges faced by our company and society at large.


“Research methods are different from country to country. And Total knows it is important to look at other ways of doing research, to take the best from all approaches, in order to be a leading international energy company today and in the future,” said Jamal. “Canadian academics and universities have an important piece to contribute.”


When it comes to refining energy products, the days of simple feedstock are over. Jamal’s work looks at designing and optimizing complex processes for extreme conditions, all with the aim of refining energy products more safely and with fewer CO2 emissions.


“I have been involved in modeling several types of multiphase reactors regulated by highly complex flow regimes,” said Jamal. “The most significant example currently under development is the bubble column reactor, paramount in the process of converting vacuum residues into high added value products.”


A different kind of conversation


Jamal put Canada on the map as one of 40 Chairs and professors to attend, together with 84 students, the Total Energy Summer School 2016 in France. The four-day program brought together current and future energy leaders from 33 countries to discuss new global energy challenges, the impact on our sector and how the world of education can respond.


“We are focused on discussing the relationship between industry and universities and what is required in order for this partnership to succeed at 100% in the new energy future, 10 or 20 years from now,” said Jamal.


Our world needs more efficient, acceptable and environmentally friendly energy. Solutions start when you get the right people together to have a different kind of conversation. Total is proud to continue to work with innovative people like Jamal, who are part of our team in making energy better.


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