Munachiso Jude

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Munachiso Jude

Say hello to Total International Scholar Munachiso Jude! Here’s his account of how his experience in France is helping him prepare for his Nigerian legal career.


“My first degree was in mechanical engineering but I then discovered a passion for law. I’m currently doing a double degree, an International Master’s of French and European Law at the University of Cergy-Pontoise in France. My studies provide interesting intercultural and international points of view, which I really enjoy.


A friend sent me details of the Total International Scholarship program and I was immediately interested. The process is very transparent and every step of the application was very positive. From the interview stage, I found Total people to be very relaxed and positive. This taught me a lot about the company, especially about its values.


I started studying here in 2017 - my very first time in France. So far, I love every part of the experience, it is very different from the Nigerian or UK system. I’m getting to learn a new language, discover a new culture and gain insights into the history of France.


Studying in a new language has definitely been a challenge. I did a one-month course before I came and I now attend classes at my university. In the first week, I did not say a word! I was afraid nobody would understand me. Now I speak to a lot of people and I try to use French as much as possible. Last year, I attended a dinner at the French embassy in Nigeria, but I stuggled to understand what was being said. I have been invited again this year and I will speak French there this time. Nigeria is surrounded by French speaking countries, we have a lot of trade with them, so the language will give me a great advantage.


After my studies, I will return to Nigeria to work with international companies seeking to enter the Nigerian market. I’m interested in compliance and risk management systems. I think I can add value to businesses that want to do transactions with Europe and America. I want to make an impact in Nigeria and help corporations understand the value of making profit while doing business ethically.”


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