Meet Heather! She’s one of Total E&P Brunei’s Education Scholarship recipients.


“I have always been interested in oil and gas; the main industry in Brunei. I first arrived in France in 2012 for a pre-university course together with 10 other students at the Tours Institute of Technology (IUT) where I studied Chemical & Process Engineering. During that year, we had classes like Maths, Biology, Mechanics, Electricity, Chemistry, Programming and of course French! This course helped us to adjust and adapt to the French education system.


I particularly liked that at IUT, the emphasis is on hands-on technical and practical work. By the end of the fourth semester, I carried out an internship which allowed me to discover the energy industry and to gain experience. I am now in my second to last year at INP-ENSIACET in Toulouse, specializing in Process Engineering.


Having an opportunity to study abroad is every student's dream. I'm glad that I made the right choice applying for this scholarship and I'm incredibly fortunate to have the chance to live and study in France for six years. 


I like the fact that it is compulsory to carry out an internship at the end of every academic year as part of this program. This allows me to understand how companies works and to experience what it’s like to work in a professional environment. I am able to acquire the background that will be necessary for my future career and to expand my skills. As a scholar, I was also encouraged to participate in the IFP School MOOC which is supported by Total. This was a great way to learn more about what goes on in the oil and gas industry. It is truly a very enriching experience. 


For this scholarship, I think that you need strong motivation and the ability to cope with another system, culture and language. My advice for students who don't speak French as their first/second language: don't let the language barrier stop you. The idea of studying in another country and in another language can be a little discouraging. But that's the whole point of studying abroad - to experience, to learn and to adapt! After graduating, I would like to return home and contribute my skills to the development of my country.”