05/23/2017 News

Catching up with Hamza, a #MyTotalCampus challenge winner

Hamza, a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore in Pakistan was one of the winners of 2016’s #MyTotalCampus challenges. He took the top prize of a trip around the world with his creative photo in response to the question ‘What makes your campus unique?’ Since travelling to Thailand for his prize trip, Ismail told us that he developed his knowledge about the world, learnt a lot of new skills and is more inventive as a result of his travels.


He recalls, “I saw a post on Facebook about the Total Campus challenge and decided to take part in the competition. I submitted 3 pictures and one video entry to maximize my chances! Then for the voting rounds, I used all my PR skills and reached out to my network and circle of friends to get enough votes to win.”


Having won the competition, how did he decide on a destination? “Thailand is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. My friend and I planned our stay to best enjoy some spectacular nature, as well as doing lots of adventurous activities like snorkeling, deep water walking, parasailing and banana boating!”


Hamza used the experience to improve his skills and gain some valuable experiences too. “I learnt about time management – we only had 1 week and wanted to explore as many places as possible. It was great to exchange and meet with people from all over the world too. Interacting with new people and making new friends has also helped me take my skills to the next level!”


Finally, what advice does Hamza have for future Total Campus challenge participants? “Life is about taking on challenges! Following Total Campus provides you with an opportunity to not only compete at an international level but also to enjoy amazing prizes. Winning can also help you take your personal and professional experience to the next level. Next I want to explore the field of engineering, as well as take a trip to Europe!”