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The 2018 edition of Team Total ran from 6 September 2017 to 28 February 2018. Check out the 3 teams who won the Audience Appreciation prize here.


Team Total is Total’s annual grants program supporting projects, challenges and educational activities organized by student teams and associations around the world. Team Total helps students with their studies, extra-curricular fun and humanitarian projects, and enables student associations and student chapters to organize a range of activities, including field trips and participation in international conferences.



In 2018, there were 4 different Team Total grant categories, with a total of €80,000 of funding for the selected projects:

  • PUSH YOUR LIMITS – Funding to take part in a sporting competition, adventure challenge or cultural event
  • INNOVATE – Support for student organizations with a passion for innovation and/or sustainable energy who want to bring a new idea to life
  • MAKE IT BETTER – Funding for projects which aim to improve living standards in your community or another country
  • DISCOVER – Support for geosciences and petroleum engineering student associations to complete study trips, to participate in international conferences or professional development activities

For the 2018 edition of Team Total, 188 teams (comprising 1331 students from 38 countries of 47 nationalities) submitted proposals for funding. Successful projects this year include inspiring proposals for field trips to Morocco, Iceland, Brazil and Albania, rowing at the famous Henley Royal Regatta in the UK and CCE in France, and developing biogas reactors to produce energy in rural Nigeria.


Notably, teams this year were more diverse than ever, with 49% made up of both male and female students, and an overall 78% increase in female participants. Overall, 87% of teams included members of both genders, or from multidisciplinary fields of study or diverse cultural backgrounds. 


Team Total 2018 grant recipients

Previous editions of Team Total

Our grants have helped students with their studies, extra-curricular fun and humanitarian projects and enabled student associations and student chapters to organize a range of activities, from field trips to participation in international conferences. 


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