‘Education of the Future’ Survey

In 2017, Total Campus asked students and early careers professionals from around the world to share their views on what skills and experience are most important for workplace success, and how these can best be developed. Amongst the top skills identified, communication and team work ranked highly, as did critical and creative thinking, and a willingness to learn.


Over 2,000 people from around the world responded to the survey, including students from 686 universities in 130 countries. Their views on the key employability skills required by graduates informed the GEDC Industry Forum, a meeting of senior engineering industry leaders and Deans of engineering from leading global universities.


The Forum focused on how industry and academia can best work together to develop the skills required among future generations of engineers, and a Total International Scholar presented the key findings from the survey to this distinguished group at the event. 


Click on the infographic below to see the key findings from the Total Education of the Future survey.

Total Campus survey infographic

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