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Total has been present Uganda since 1955, and education has always been one of the key values of our operations here. We promote access to knowledge through initiatives like scholarships and educational programs targeted at consolidating the education systems and infrastructure. The company also promotes and integrates local talent in our activities.

Initiatives to support education

Next in our focus on Total’s educational initiatives in Uganda, we’re finding out more about initiatives to support education in this country. Total has supported a vocational training program for students, with 12 students now learning skills to work on site as operators. Focusing on diversity, we are also developing education programs targeting females only, to encourage more Ugandan women to pursue technical and scientific careers. Finally, as part of Total’s ‘Empowering the Teachers’ initiative, Ugandan professors are seconded to MIT to learn about excellence in energy education, then apply it to their own classrooms.

Introducing Godfrey, Social Investment and Education Officer

In our latest insight on Total’s educational initiatives in Uganda, meet Godfrey, Social Investment and Education Officer. In his role, he coordinates activities related to social development including access to education, health and water. This means regularly engaging with the local education communities and attending school education events like career days, class days. He also keeps in regular touch with funding recipients, from school heads to scholars. His advice for students? “Your academic profile is important, but don’t forget to take every opportunity that could be useful for your future career too!”